Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Decorated Cupcakes

Have a block of chocolate at room temperature. Using a vegetable peeler, shave the side of the block to create chocolate curls. Ice a cupcake with chocolate ganache and sprinkle with the curls. We have used a combination of milk and dark chocolate curls in this photo.

Cut a round from the top of a cupcake (hold the knife at an angle so you end up with a cone shaped cavity in the cupcake). Remove the round and cut it in half to create the 'wings'. Place a teaspoon of ganache inside the cavity and top with a spoonful of whipped cream. Place the 'wings' in the cream. ©

Break a Cadbury Flake into small pieces. Ice the cupcake with ganache and sprinkle with the Flake pieces.

Cut a round from the top of a cupcake (hold the knife at an angle so you end up with a cone shaped cavity in the cupcake). Remove the round of cake and spread it with chocolate ganache. Fill the cupcake with whipped cream and top with the cake round. Finish with strawberries and a dusting of icing sugar.

The cupcake and ganache recipes we used can be found here.


Blogger indosungod said...

absolutely delicious goodies as usual, I tried your Apple Crumble Recipe and it came out great thanks

1/6/06 11:59 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all of your recipes are great! i love them!
just to ask. could u share the recipe for making macaroons??

6/8/08 11:09 pm  
Blogger Amanda and Debbie said...

Unfortunately, we don't have any recipes for macaroons.

7/8/08 3:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is the world's best macaroon recipe - I learnt this while I was head pastry chef at London's Ottolenghi...

230g egg whites
150g caster sugar
450g icing sugar
250g ground almonds

Whisk together egg whites and caster sugar until thick and glossy. Mix in seived icing sugar and ground almonds (this does not need be done too delicately - you want the mix to be glossy). Using a piping bag fitted with a round nozzle, pipe teaspoon sized mounds onto baking paper, spaced approximately 3cm apart. Allow to sit so that the mix spreads to the size of a 20c piece and forms a skin - this will take about 10 minutes. Bake in a moderately hot (170g celcius) fan forced oven for 10 to 12 minutes until slightly risen and crisp to touch. Allow to cool, then fill with lemon curd, ganache, buttercream or your choice of flavoured filling! These macaroons can be flavoured by adding scraped vanilla beans, 2 tsp lemon zest, replacing 50g almonds with cocoa, etc.

23/3/09 7:24 pm  

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