Thursday, July 20, 2006

Choc Honeycomb Ice Cream Recipe

We like to make this very quick and easy dessert several hours ahead, so that some of the honeycomb chunks have time to dissolve and become a delicious ‘honeycomb syrup’. Use whatever ratio of honeycomb to ice cream that you like - we use about 160g of honeycomb to two litres of ice cream.

Vanilla ice cream (we use store-bought)
Chocolate-coated honeycomb bars (we use Cadbury Crunchies)

While still in their sealed packets, crush the Crunchies by hitting them lightly with the smooth side of a meat mallet, or something similar. Pour the crushed Crunchies over slightly softened ice cream, quickly stir to combine, and then refreeze the mixture in a covered container. When frozen to your liking, scoop and serve.


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