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Leek and Potato Soup Recipe

When choosing potatoes for this soup, select those that have the flavour you like most. We served this thick, creamy soup with toasted pane di casa bread. If the soup is a little too thick, you can add some extra stock or cream when reheating.

Serves 3.

2 large leeks (about 570g total)
30g butter
1 small onion, peeled and finely chopped
1 small clove garlic, peeled and crushed
1 teaspoon ground cumin
Salt and pepper
650g potatoes, peeled and diced (we used Desiree potatoes)
500ml (2 cups) chicken or vegetable stock
60ml (3 tablespoons) cream
Extra cream, for serving
Chopped herbs, for serving

Remove the dark green tops from the leeks and discard. Slice the leeks in half lengthwise and wash to remove any grit between the layers. Finely slice leeks.

Melt butter in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add leek and onion and stir to coat with butter. Cook for about three minutes, stirring occasionally, until vegetables have softened but not browned.

Add garlic, cumin, salt and pepper. Stir to combine and cook for one minute. ©

Add potato and stock and stir to combine.

Increase heat to high and bring mixture to the boil. Cover saucepan and reduce heat to low so that the mixture is simmering. Simmer for 25-30 minutes, or until vegetables are very soft, stirring occasionally.

Puree soup. If you are using a blender to puree the soup, allow the soup to cool for about 15 minutes before pureeing. When pureeing hot soup in a blender, we don't have the blender more than one third full. We also cover the lid with a clean tea towel and hold the lid down while pureeing.

Store soup in the refrigerator until required, or return soup to saucepan to reheat.

Add cream to soup and reheat over low heat without boiling. When soup is hot, pour into serving bowls, top with a swirl of cream and a sprinkle of herbs.


Blogger Emma said...

I made this soup for dinner last night. Yummy and wholesome. It tasted even better today for lunch.

4/6/09 4:48 pm  
Anonymous Michellelol said...

I made this leek and potato soup. Very yummy! I didn't put it in the blender preferring a more chunky soup. I have a fussy daughter and she even loved it!

6/6/09 6:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Creamy, delicious and very satisfying!

9/7/09 12:15 am  
Anonymous Sandy said...

This is myf first attempt at making Leek and Potato soup and LOVE the taste. Would this recipie be suitable to freezing?

13/8/09 3:43 pm  
Blogger Amanda and Debbie said...

Hi Sandy

We're glad you enjoyed the soup. We haven't ever frozen this soup, but we will freeze some next time we make it and report back.

14/8/09 2:03 pm  
Anonymous Skye said...

I HAVE frozen L&P soup before (not this recipe but similar) & it thawed OK...needed a little more cream (or skim evap milk if diet conscious) added on the reheat to re-combine without it separating...does that make sense?

Also, does anyone know if any of the ingredients listed in this have GLUTEN in them? I know nothing about gluten & next week am having people over & need to make gluten free things...have even got my new cookware out of lay-by early so I can use "virgin" pots for the recipes!!!!!

28/8/09 4:18 pm  
Anonymous summer days said...

This has been by far the best potato and leek soup I have made. Extra delicious!

27/9/09 12:05 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

hi! i am about to tackle this recipe, can i pls ask if it will work if i add some frozen peas too just to up the vege intake for my kids?

10/1/10 8:16 pm  
Anonymous Mandy said...

I just made this soup - its very easy to make as your directions are easy to follow. Thank you for a great recipe - I needed something quick to make for lunch!


14/1/10 2:57 pm  
Blogger Amanda and Debbie said...

Hi Honeylet

We haven't tried adding peas to the soup, but we can see no reason why it wouldn't work.

3/2/10 1:42 pm  
Anonymous Ian and Louise said...

Just making it now. Smells great!(secret, we added one slice of ham finely chopped). Will freeze some for my Mum.

7/2/10 8:35 pm  
Anonymous Claire said...

Loving this website. Nice clear and simple instructions. Soup on the stove top. Smells delicious. Thanks for sharing these great recepiesx

14/8/10 4:36 pm  
Anonymous Jira said...

I have made this soup for my hubby who loves leek. He absolutely loves this soup! In fact, every recipe I tried from your blod is fantastic. Thank you!!

26/12/10 6:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skye, this soup is gluten free if the stock you use is. Gluten is contained in anything derived from wheat, oats, rye or barley.
If you want to avoid the cream, use milk, or evaporated milk, and a little bit of cornflour to thicken it a bit. Make sure the cornflour is from corn, not wheat.

5/1/11 7:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was amazing.. thank you so much for this recipe..

9/6/11 11:49 pm  
Anonymous Nanette said...

Absolutely gorgeous soup, so velvety and tasty, my first time at making this soup and it was a hit...will be making it regularly from now on... Thanks for all the recipes you girls put on this blog, it's my first port of call when I need something new. Keep it up ������

6/8/12 8:10 am  
Blogger Joey said...

This soup never fails to impress. It's become mandatory on mother's day for me to make a giant batch, have lunch with my parents and then leave the leftovers :)

18/5/17 6:31 am  

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