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Triple Treat Ice Cream Terrine Recipe

Honeycomb, peppermint and cherry coconut ice creams are created using three types of chocolate bar and store-bought vanilla ice cream. The process of softening and mixing eliminates some of the air from the ice cream, making it denser.

Although this recipe needs to be started at least one day before serving, the amount of preparation time required is very minimal.

We sometimes decorate the terrine by drizzling it with melted chocolate just before slicing and serving.

Serves 8-10.

2 litres vanilla ice cream
50g Violet Crumble chocolate bar
35g Peppermint Crisp chocolate bar
55g Cherry Ripe chocolate bar

If it is a hot day, store the Violet Crumble and Peppermint Crisp bars in the refrigerator so their chocolate coatings are firm enough to shatter when the bars are crushed.

Line a 5 1/2 cup capacity loaf pan with an opened out freezer bag (cut down one side and across the base of the bag) or plastic wrap. Our loaf pan measures 11cm by 21.5cm (top inside measurements) by 6.5cm deep. Allow the bag or plastic wrap to overhang the sides of the pan by about 6cm.

Wrap a clean tea towel around the Violet Crumble bar (still sealed in its packaging) and hit with a rolling pin or the flat side of a meat mallet to finely crush the bar.

Leaving the ice cream in its packaging, use a large knife to cut the ice cream into three equal portions.

Spoon one portion of the ice cream into a large bowl and return the remaining ice cream to the freezer. Allow the ice cream to soften slightly (this only takes one to two minutes). Do not allow the ice cream to get any softer than soft-serve ice cream.

Empty the contents of the Violet Crumble bar packet into the bowl with the ice cream.

Using a spoon, quickly mix the crushed Crumble into the ice cream.

Spoon the ice cream into the prepared pan and spread out (using the back of a spoon) to cover the base of the pan.

Place the pan in a freezer bag or cover with plastic wrap and place in the freezer for at least two hours before continuing with the recipe. This allows the ice cream to become very firm, making it easier to spread the next layer.

Crush the Peppermint Crisp using the same method as for the Crumble bar. © exclusivelyfood.com.au

Spoon the second portion of ice cream from the 2 litre container into a large bowl. Return remaining ice cream to the freezer. Allow the ice cream to soften slightly.

Make the Peppermint Crisp ice cream by repeating the procedure used for the Violet Crumble ice cream.

Spoon the peppermint ice cream over the honeycomb ice cream. Spread evenly and smooth the surface with the back of a spoon.

After the peppermint layer has been in the freezer for at least two hours, remove the Cherry Ripe from the packet and chop into very small pieces.

Make the Cherry Ripe layer using the same method as for the other two layers.

Fold the overhanging freezer bag or plastic wrap over the ice cream to completely enclose the terrine. Place pan back in the freezer bag or cover with plastic wrap and return to the freezer for at least 12 hours. This extended freezing time allows the ice cream to thoroughly harden, making the terrine easier to slice.

Remove the terrine from the freezer when ready to serve. Invert terrine onto a flat serving plate or chopping board and peel away the freezer bag or plastic wrap. Cut into slices using a large knife and serve immediately.

Store in an airtight container in the freezer.
© www.exclusivelyfood.com.au


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This looks easy and yummy, would be great as a birthday cake, or even an alternative to Christmas dessert.

10/10/07 5:03 pm  
Blogger Ange said...

Yum, I cant wait to try this out!

11/10/07 7:27 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, does this ever look rich and delish...Id like a sample scoop right NOW!!!

11/10/07 10:12 am  
Blogger isparkle50 said...

It looks very festive.

14/10/07 10:01 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

It tastes Brilliant... You all have to try it! except I uses Cadbury Crunchie, Peppermint Crisp... 1 layer peepermint 1 layer crunchie 1 layer peppermint!

It was gone in 2 days!(After my husband found it!!

15/10/07 11:21 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

This is great for late night when kids are in bed! ;) Except when your husband finds it!!

15/10/07 11:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there..greetings from Japan:) Great recipes here! I've just tried apple crumble and it's yummy! Pls allow me to link to your site..Thanks:)

26/10/07 4:33 pm  
Blogger Amanda and Debbie said...

Hi Liya,

We're glad you enjoyed the apple crumble. You are very welcome to link to our site.

27/10/07 10:33 am  
Blogger Anna said...

OMG. Just reading your site has sent my blood sugar levels into some kind of insulin spike. [drool]

Must buy ice cream and cherry ripe bar.... right... [gasp] NOW!

13/1/08 3:37 pm  

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