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Blueberry Muffin Recipe

Our favourite part of these moist, blueberry-packed muffins is the sugary, crusty top. We prefer to serve these muffins warm (fresh from the oven or reheated).

The uncooked muffin mixture is quite dry (more like a scone dough than a cake batter) but the cooked muffins are light and moist. If using frozen berries, add them to the mixture while still frozen so that they are less likely to bleed into the mixture.

Makes 12 muffins.

We use a 20ml tablespoon and 250ml measuring cup for all of our recipes.

290g (1 cup plus 2 tablespoons) sour cream
1 large egg (we use eggs with a minimum weight of 59g)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (1 teaspoon vanilla essence)
40ml (2 tablespoons) milk
55g butter
38g (1/4 cup) plain flour
250g (1 2/3 cups) self-raising flour
200g (3/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons) sugar
225g (1 1/2 cups) fresh or frozen (unthawed) blueberries

Combine sour cream, egg, and vanilla in a small bowl. Allow mixture to stand at room temperature while preparing the tin and other ingredients. If the sour cream mixture is too cold when you add the melted butter, the butter may start to harden.

Preheat oven to 190 degrees Celsius (170 degrees Celsius fan-forced).

Line a muffin pan (1/3 cup capacity holes) with 12 patty/muffin cases that measure 5cm across the base.

Melt butter with milk in a small saucepan over low heat, or in a microwave-safe bowl in the microwave.

Combine flour and sugar in a large bowl. Add berries and stir gently to coat with flour mixture. Make a well in the centre of the flour mixture.

Add butter mixture to sour cream mixture and stir until combined. Pour wet ingredients into the well in the dry ingredients. Mix gently until just combined. Don't over mix as this will toughen the muffins and crush the berries. The mixture should have a fairly firm, coarse consistency. © exclusivelyfood.com.au

Divide the mixture evenly between the cases.

Bake for about 25-30 minutes, until golden brown. When the muffins are ready, a knife inserted into the centre of a muffin will come out without any batter attached. The muffins should also spring back when lightly pressed.

Serve warm or at room temperature. Store muffins in an airtight container. Suitable to freeze.
© www.exclusivelyfood.com.au


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great recipe! was just wondering, in my oven the heat comes from the bottom. the muffins did not brown on the top. they only went a tad brown on a few muffins. should i keep it in the oven for longer?

22/5/08 6:03 pm  
Blogger Amanda and Debbie said...

We would remove the muffins from the oven when they are cooked through. Otherwise, they might become dry. Were the muffins browned on the bottom? Do you have a grill (broiler) that you could use to brown the tops of the muffins?

23/5/08 3:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, they were brown at the bottom. this always happens! i can never get the top brown when i want to however, i do have a grill. i could try that instead.


23/5/08 3:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i tired the recipe just last sat and i've got a smooth and sticky texture instead of firm and coarse. how should i adjust the ingredients?

14/7/08 2:21 pm  
Blogger Amanda and Debbie said...

Did the muffins taste nice? If so, we don't think you need to make any adjustments.

15/7/08 7:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

these were beautiful! Delicious. Thank you!

11/8/08 5:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipe was a big success everybody loved it!!

7/10/08 10:29 pm  
Blogger - m i c h e l l e - said...

hie there!

i'd love to try the recipe, but my brother doesn't eat blueberry. :(

would it turn out alright and yummy if I were to bake the muffin without adding in the blueberries?

19/10/08 11:15 pm  
Blogger - m i c h e l l e - said...

Oh, can i replace the blueberries with raisins instead? :)

19/10/08 11:16 pm  
Blogger Amanda and Debbie said...

Hi Michelle

Yes, you could replace the blueberries with raisins.

20/10/08 7:38 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Baked these together with my daughter and they came out absolutely delicious thanks!

1/2/09 6:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic delicious recipe. Went down a treat!

3/2/09 8:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic recipe! Have made them at least ten times now with different berries, always with perfect results. My only complaint is they only last 1 day around my house... far too tasty! I have taken to making a double batch and freezing a dozen, they keep very well in the freezer for weeks.

11/2/09 8:21 am  
Blogger Unknown said...


I would love to try this recipe...just wanted to know whether I should bring sour cream & egg to room temperature and then combine it?

2/3/09 11:58 pm  
Blogger Amanda and Debbie said...

Hi Maria

We use the sour cream and egg straight from the refrigerator. We allow the sour cream, egg and vanilla mixture to stand at room temperature while we continue with the recipe.

7/3/09 3:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there, just wandering, what type of sugar are we suppose to use? Thanks! :)

23/3/09 12:27 pm  
Blogger Amanda and Debbie said...

We use granulated white sugar (table sugar) made from sugar cane.

23/3/09 12:53 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful soft & moist muffins my boys love them Thanks

1/4/09 12:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved this recipe! The muffins were so sweet and delicious and it was such an easy recipe to follow. Thanks!

3/4/09 4:01 pm  
Anonymous Simone said...

This recipe is awesome! The top is so nice and crunchy, and the muffin is moist and light! Loved them, thankyou!

18/4/09 4:57 pm  
Blogger Moushumi said...


Can I use wholemeal plain flour instead of plain flour?

21/5/09 3:36 pm  
Blogger Amanda and Debbie said...

Hi Moushumi

Yes, you could replace the plain flour with wholemeal plain flour.

24/5/09 12:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have tried a few recipes from your site, and they have all turned out really well. I just took my muffins out of the oven, ah they are delectable!! Thanks so much

29/5/09 6:56 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sound delicious!

Just wondering about adapting the oven temperature and cooking time to make a batch of mini muffins.

Is there any geneeral formula for working out how to adapt a large muffin recipe to make mini ones?

1/6/09 12:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if the muffins will still turn out ok if i added the blueberries at the end of the process?...Just to avoid streaking the mixture.

7/7/09 11:25 am  
Blogger Amanda and Debbie said...

Yes, the blueberries can be added last if preferred.

13/7/09 3:59 pm  
Anonymous Emma said...

I made these yesterday, using frozen blueberries.

As described in the recipe, the uncooked mixture was definitely dry. Even with frozen blueberries it was nearly impossible to combine the ingredients without crushing some of the blueberries. Perhaps next time I would try adding some more milk when melting the butter, so there is slightly more liquid in the mixture to work with.

I also found them to be a little bit too sweet, so I would reduce the amount of sugar next time.

The muffins did taste yummy though and they had a nice texture too.

5/8/09 11:19 am  
Blogger Chris said...

I have made this recipe a few times now and it never fails me. Taste delicious and they never last long in the house. I have posted a photo of them to my flickr site and the exclusively food flick site.

27/10/09 1:26 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

these recipes always turn out so good! excellent website. Thanks to all the people who created it/recipes :)

27/12/09 9:51 pm  
Anonymous Mandy said...

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!
This recipe is so delicious! I added raspberries and the taste was sensational.

6/1/10 7:27 pm  
Anonymous Sindhu said...

A definite keeper!!! planning to bake this for my homegroup.

9/1/10 8:15 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Love this recipe! My kids aren't keen on eating fresh blueberries but they love these muffins. We have made them every week so far while we are able to get fresh berries :) I also use raw sugar and we get a nice slightly crunchy crust on the top!

Love your recipes!

14/2/10 12:50 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Great recipe, I had to add two spoons of milk though because it was too crumbly, perhaps I had a too small of an egg :)). Baked them 30 minutes and they came out perfect, crispy and brown on top, moist underneath, sweet just right, delicious. Powdered with icing sugar I am considering if to leave the last one for a friend :). Thank you Amanda.

13/3/10 5:26 pm  
Anonymous Chelsea said...

I've made these muffins so many times I've lost count, they're absolutely delicious especially the top crust. I was wondering if I could substitute the blueberries for chocolate chips to get a chocolate chip muffin instead?

11/7/10 10:14 pm  
Anonymous Kate M said...

I substituted the blueberries for dark chocolate chips and they turned out divine! I also used wholemeal self raising flour and splenda instead of sugar... all in all they were fantastic, and a bit healthier (minus the choccie!).

19/8/10 9:39 pm  
Blogger ~ Kim ~ said...

Oh my. I made these today and they are yummy! The tops are crispy and sweet. I ony have a heat element on the bottom too but I used an oven thermometer this time and they came out perfect. Can't wait to try with other flavours. Thanks!

11/10/10 3:20 pm  
Blogger Poornima said...

Made these muffins today. THE BEST muffins I have ever made.Try them out all. Love them,thanks guys.

10/11/10 11:49 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

what can I use instead of sour cream?

10/12/10 2:32 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just made some, first attempt at muffins and absolutely delicious ! so easy too, thank u

24/12/10 12:36 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely thankyou! I used natural yoghurt instead of sour cream and they worked well.

11/6/11 1:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used rasberries aswell as bluberries and I didn't have sour cream so I used natural greek yogurt and they turned out beautifully! Thank you.

10/8/11 1:27 pm  

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